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Having a clean and up to date website is a necessity for generating business in a world of competitive and high performing businesses. A company’s website is the client’s first impression of the establishment and the services offered. Quick decisions are made based off of the website’s aesthetics, accessibility and information. Through DuraBante’s web development services, website inclusion of all needed key elements allows for both new and current clientele to evaluate available services.

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DuraBante collaborates with the customer to provide a website indicative of both the company’s client base and vision. Websites expressing both the personality and promise of a company, encourage clients in seeking out the services being offered. DuraBante’s Web Development Team is committed to creating clean, eye-catching, creative, innovative and inspirational designs, providing the customer with the consummate website.
Due to the rapid expansion of the mobile community, requirements for websites to be responsive on multiple devices and platforms continues to grow. DuraBante builds the customer’s website to manage these expectations with efficiency from the very beginning, providing confidence for future utilization on many different devices and platforms.
Website moderation and updating can be a formidable task for many administrators. DuraBante, believing that keeping things simple is important, provides a simple to use and intuitive admin interface, wherein, websites may be updated and maintained as frequently as necessary with minimal stress to the customer.
Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web they call “home.” DuraBante utilizes this tried and true platform in order to provide the most flexibility for plugins, themes and transformations of the company’s site as it is created, grows and evolves. Taking the vision provided, DuraBante provides a lasting and progressing platform for continued future growth of the customer’s website.
DuraBante prides itself on customer life-cycle support. Full-service infrastructure is provided covering domain buying assistance all the way through the Google listing process. From concept creation to launch, support is provided ensuring the customer has the best possible experience.
All of DuraBante’s website products come with administration training and support on website operation procedures. Training is provided either in person or via teleconference for all requested staff.