Welcome to the future of software control. DuraBante’s software development team provides customized software for the latest iOS devices, making access to technical data, accounts and forms easy for personnel in the office or on the road.  With intuitive usability and top tier aesthetics, DuraBante develops software solutions that unify sales teams, in house staff and on the go professionals within any organization to enhance and accelerate collaboration through real-time information dissemination, enabling businesses to optimize performance daily.

For businesses without iOS devices, or those unsatisfied with their current devices, Durabante can help with that, too. DuraBante’s team can help businesses assess the right device for their particular work conditions and cellular service availability.

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Through the utilization of DuraBante’s analysis protocol, a dissection of the customer’s business processes from end to end is accomplished, examining all aspects of the company to understand it’s business model and optimize processes. Assistance is given with everything from new customer on-boarding to order fulfillment and billing.
Assistance is given in outlining business goals and narrowing down any application concepts. Employee interaction and day to day functionality of an application will be covered and a plan will be established by the DuraBante team working together with the customer for optimal outcomes.
Many companies lose time and monetary gain with downtime, supply costs, and loss of information. DuraBante works to streamline the customer’s business processes, mitigating these issues and leaving less room for error in production and project outcomes.
Once the refinement process has taken place, the arduous task of developing and building the customer’s product begins. With DuraBante’s assistance, most risks may be mitigated through collaboration with the customer, proper planning, reporting and time management.
At the integration stage, the software has been built and is ready to be put in place for the customer’s use. DuraBante assists in smoothing the transition, while supporting the time- consuming process of implementing new software into a company’s business practices.
To maximize benefits and outcomes of newly developed software, instruction is needed for proper utilization of the product. DuraBante continues support to the customer by providing training to the company’s staff on proper application and usage, ensuring smooth integration while simultaneously cultivating efficiency and profit.