DuraBante recognizes all projects are unique against the backdrop of broader programs. Successful projects include timely completion of goals and staying under budget while at the same time meeting safety and quality expectations. Holistic project management effectively addresses challenges and incorporates solutions that efficiently achieve program goals. By monitoring supporting activities such as project implementation, training, and sustainability plans, DuraBante may assess the progress of a project and provide the organization support needed to adapt to current market conditions. DuraBante’s priorities are, making sure projects fit within an organization’s objectives and developing strategies best fitting organizational goals.

To understand the primary drivers and organizational impacts of projects, DuraBante utilizes the GUIDE methodology. This process was developed by DuraBante for clarification of project charters and project parameters, and identification of major stakeholders. Information gathered during this process is documented and included in future planning.

The project management plan is utilized in documenting project parameters within the charter, describing various project controls to be used, control implementation and timing reports. DuraBante works with the customer in determining processes for ensuring the project remains both within budget as well as on schedule.

DuraBante’s project management program, provides a robust portfolio of differing documentation methods, contributing needed oversight for maintaining project accuracy.

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