A project is not a project is not a project. To be considered successful a project is expected to completed on time and under budget while still meeting expectations regarding safety and quality. At DuraBante, we look at each project as a unique item within a broader program. This allows us to manage a project more holistically. Some projects may be best managed as more of a one and done approach while others are more process oriented and should include supporting activities such as implementation, training and sustainability plans. We work with you to understand how the individual project fits within your organizational objectives and develop the strategy that best fits those goals.

At DuraBante, we use the GUIDE methodology to understand the primary drivers and the organizational impacts for the project. We work with you to clarify the scope of the project for the project charter and identify the major stakeholders. As we go through the process of gathering information for the project scope, any identified supporting activities are documented on the charter to be included in future planning as needed.

We use a project management plan to document the scope as agreed upon in the project charter and describe the various project controls to be used for the project. The details surrounding the implementation of the controls and the timing for reports are also described in the project management plan. We work with you to determine which reports are needed and how often to issue those reports to ensure that the project remains on schedule and on budget.

Our quality assurance program uses the parameters as determined by your stakeholders to provide any necessary proof of product quality. We also incorporate risk assessments as part of our quality assurance program to help in the determination of the quantity and depth of the quality checks as needed to provide the appropriate indicators.

Our project management program is robust with many document types in our portfolio to provide the oversight you need to keep your projects on track

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