Project scheduling is an essential contributing factor to successful outcomes. Timelines are vital to the management, maintenance, risk mitigation and budgeting of a project. This schedule should include resource requirements, milestones, key performance indicators, and risk assessments. DuraBante assists organizations in identifying key milestones, required resources and critical pathways for the schedule. Adjustments to project schedules may be made based on the identification of high-risk activities and resources.


Milestones are utilized to identify transition points in the progression of a project. DuraBante assists organizations in developing key performance indicators to measure project progress and identify key transitional events that signify readiness to move into the next phase of the project.

Resource Loading

Knowledge of needed resources and their availability adds increased confidence and accuracy to an organization’s project schedule. Resources may include equipment, materials and company/vendor labor costs. DuraBante works with the customer’s inventory specialists to determine lead times and recommended shipment methods for obtaining specialized materials. Assistance may also be given with supplemental resource identification and development of vendor availability schedules, based on required skill sets for project activities.


Project scheduling may be driven by many different sources, therefore adjustments to project functions and pathways may need to be made. DuraBante helps organizations identify and understand the driving factors behind changes in a project, and then develops strategies to mitigate or minimize risks associated with those factors. DuraBante tracks and documents, through regular reports, all schedule adjustments and will facilitate understanding of the driving factors behind needed changes.

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