A robust reporting portfolio is essential for keeping a project on schedule and on budget. This portfolio may include scoping documents like the project charter and project management plan, inventory documents that detail resource requirements, the project schedule, the project budget, milestones, key performance indicators and risk assessments.  The size and complexity of a project will indicate the extent and nature of the reports required.


The Project Charter is the primary document for getting stakeholders to align behind an agreed upon scope.  The Project Management Plan (PMP) records the information from the project charter and can be used to track planned and actual progress throughout the project as well as record changes to the project and drivers for adjustments.  Changes in scope should be described in a modified charter to ensure stakeholder buy in.


Reports on schedule include planned and actual activities performed and progress against milestones. Changes in resources may drive adjustments to the schedule which are reported along with associated risks to the schedule. Critical path items are identified and monitored.


Reports on budget include planned and actual costs and progress against milestones. Changes in resources may drive adjustments to the budget which are reported along with associated risks to the forecast.  Potential funding risks and priorities are identified and monitored.


We work with you to establish agreed upon milestones.  Once the milestones are identified, progress against these scheduled milestones is tracked and the associated spend for activities performed is reported.

Key Performance Indicators

The progress against the agreed upon milestones is included with key performance indicators to determine if the project is on track to meet the planned schedule and budget.  Key performance indicators are used to identify the potential need for adjustments in activities to complete the project successfully.

Inventory Management

Material and equipment needed to complete the project is identified and the status of each resource is recorded.  Any risk to availability is reported and monitored throughout the project.

Risk Assessment

Each project has a preliminary risk assessment performed to identify potential areas of concern for getting a project completed on time and within budget. Activities impacting the critical path with high risk factors are closely monitored.  Key performance indicators act as leading indicators for potential problems.  We work with you to understand the indicators and develop mitigation plans as needed.

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