Program Success by Gaining Ownership through Field Implementation

DuraBante’s proven yet flexible approach ensures the customer’s overall vision, objectives, goals and culture are both realized and aligned.

Product implementation in a real world setting builds a sense of ownership and involvement in the process. Success is ensured through this collaborative framework in which specific key elements are prioritized and focused on in the creation and implementation of the customer’s desired product.

DuraBante has defined 4 key elements for success below:

  1. Development: The procedure through which management and stakeholder support is gained early in the process.
  2. Implementation: The engagement of project teams with the skills and competencies for performance at the highest level.
  3. Maintenance: Evaluating performance and re-engineering processes for an adaptable and streamlined product.
  4. Auditing: Identifying and rectifying any gaps in expectation and performance arising from current program status.

With a precise and engaged program team, DuraBante provides expeditious field implementation, management, and support for large complex programs. Businesses are assisted in correcting programs which have become unwieldy or ineffective while simultaneously incorporating changes into training, initial implementation and program development with the client’s staff. This framework enables employees and staff to contribute to programs, vesting them from day one.

DuraBante’s industry focused consultants, knowing that each business is unique in it’s methodologies, offer assistance to organizations in building reliable programs which consistently deliver value-added results.  Flexibility is crucial for the customer to maintain the key aspects making them stand out from other businesses.

Versatility is evaluated through comparisons of both the client’s needs and current standard procedures. Once conducted, DuraBante’s capabilities and experience will be aligned with the client’s business strategy, objectives and resources wherein opportunities for development and furtherance of capabilities will be addressed. With DuraBante working collaboratively with the customer, the most advanced, reliable and efficient product may be created and introduced.

With so many factors involved DuraBante recognizes programs may add risk to an already complex business system. Combining new programs with older programs may cause additional complications. Standard program controls allow measurement of programs both against the organization’s own business metrics as well as those of the competing industry. Customized processes as well as coaching and mentoring are offered to the organization, ensuring the customer may expect the highest quality and streamlined products from the DuraBante team.

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