Creation and maintenance of efficient system controls are vital for the achievement of sustainable programs. By establishing fundamental/primary criteria for a program, the best and most beneficial maintenance schedule may be created. Assistance may be given when a businesses’s maintenance protocols are not already defined and in place, thus insuring smooth and sustainable practices and usage.

Consistent updating is another necessary process enabling programs to both adapt and keep up with the organization’s evolving business and new operating requirements. Protocols used for making sure a program will meet maintenance criteria, include: review, revision, verification and validation.


In order to address the most pertinent issues first, the DuraBante team does an initial assessment of the intent of a program and how it correlates with the customer’s current usage. If necessary, further analysis may be conducted for more extensive modifications, in order to minimize misunderstanding and future disconnects within the program. Utilizing this information, supporting business processes and potential changes of intent are identified, assisting in predictions of future program needs.


In order to provide a reference guide for procedures, directives and policies, DuraBante works with the customer to verify that all documents and activities meet the requirements and specifications of the supportive program. Sources for supporting material are established and a Source Inventory is created to ensure completeness and applicability.


DuraBante examines the program and supporting documentation validating relevance as well as content accuracy. Internal processes may often be more easily and effectively evaluated since observation of operations are coming from an unconnected source. This enables the DuraBante Team to identify areas of concern and make recommendations for ways to promote greater efficiency.


Collaboration is at the heart of efficient and effective program revision. DuraBante facilitates and promotes operational productivity through systematic revision processes. Just as with a newly created program, revision involves input and interaction with all stakeholders. This methodology of revision builds a sense of ownership in the product as well as smoother acceptance of the imminent changes.

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