Once a program has been developed the implementation process may begin. Implementation is the introduction of new or changed programs to an organization.  DuraBante aligns measured goals with program objectives allowing for sustainable program change to be incorporated into the customer’s business. Collaboration with the customer/stakeholder in the implementation process provides context and connectivity to the product allowing for the most effective incorporation, utilization and management of new programs. During this interactive process, program documents are used to frame roles, responsibilities and actions needed for the highest quality usages. Analysis of these trends allows for any needed adjustments.

DuraBante provides a variety of supporting materials and proven training techniques to the customer as a means of easing the implementation process across all levels. In order to build confidence within the personnel who will be executing the new programs, determinations are made pertaining to initial training populations and the frequencies and types of re-training required. With the framework in place, staff and best practices may be developed incrementally within the customer’s organization creating a strong infrastructure from day one of implementation. The training materials may vary in size or be adjusted to accommodate the breadth and risks of the program.

Items provided may include:

  • Program user guides
  • Change Communications
  • Initial Practice Development
  • Computer Based Training
  • Program Training In-Person
  • Simulations and Analysis
  • Program Reporting
  • Review and editing Administration
  • Planning and Scheduling

Routine program reviews and continuous assessments of program development through training, validate movement of the business towards desired program goals. Continual improvements towards program objectives and goals are assured through a consistent program feedback loop.

The Approach:

DuraBante performs proven, flexible and collaborative methods of implementing change in organizations which build ownership and a sense of pride and connection amongst stakeholders, managers and users.

User perspective is taken into consideration when working with the organization’s program team in describing the objectives and measurable goals of the new programs. Managers and subject matter experts are consulted in order to gain a better understanding of the programs usage process (and who will be using the program.)Gained knowledge of personnel affected by the change in processes, creates a sense of ownership and understanding. All of these factors work together for the success of the program implementation.

Communication during the process is of the upmost importance due to the internal friction which may occur during the program change execution period. In order to diminish resistance, employees and staff are re-assured of the benefits of the change and shown how productivity may improve with the implementation of the new program. When necessary, due to a larger size systematization, DuraBante will work with selected individuals who act as primary or secondary leads, providing subject-specific instruction. With training in place at this level, assigned personnel will be equipped to contribute peer-to-peer training for other employees and staff as well as provide basic assistance for answering program specific questions or provide resources for topics which require further evaluation.

Maintaining the highest quality outcomes for newly implemented programs requires employees and staff within an organization to continue learning and refreshing their skills. DuraBante sets the expectation for continuous learning and training from the very beginning. In order to counteract erroneous or incomplete data which may mislead analysis or make data unusable, the verification and validation process are used to assist in identifying these issues so they may be dealt with. When and organization is trained in this it will be easier for bad data or research outcomes to both be identified and dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Due to the incremental and cyclical nature of business success, DuraBante insures supporting documentation is controlled, stored and easily accessible to the customer for both routine and atypical  needs. Having a capable, committed and informed team, as well as strong documentation both ready and easily accessible, provides organizations with all necessary information and documentation for problem solving, change and growth.

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