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Program Analysis

Analysis of the source information and existing process documents provide a basis for an assessment and the foundation for design documents with an eye to implementation.  By assessing and prioritizing the functions of the activity as well as the familiarity the personnel has with its performance, a type of target document is determined.  Instructions and procedures are also grouped by program and authority as defined in the numbering and naming standards.

Services that support this effort include:

  • Objectives and Scope
  • User Functional tags
  • Gap Analysis

Program Development

A Program must have a clear description of the philosophy, values, and principles that underlie the program provide guidance for all treatment decisions, program decisions, and evaluations; and are used to promote consistency, integrity, and sustainable effort across all provider organization units.

Setting clear inclusion and exclusion criteria define the scope for the audience most likely to benefit when the program is implemented.  A Program Plan contains a portfolio of documents containing functional elements and provides a framework for implementation and sustainability.

These elements include:

  • Program Charter
  • Essential Element Descriptions
  • Organization Profiles
  • Program Development
  • Program Management
  • Implementation and Training

Program Management

DuraBante’s Program Management services are designed to ensure that activities are planned, managed, controlled, coordinated, supervised to meet program goals, objectives, and stakeholder’s expectations.  It is critical to the success of any program that status, risks, issues and concerns be continually addressed and the risks mitigated.  In addition to program structure, the expertise provided by subject matter experts is integrated into the program narrative. DuraBante’ s team apply a structured form yet customized standards-based function that enables one to measure progress to program goals and business objectives.


Program Audits, are performed on the documentation, records, and the completeness of the Documents and records that support the framework deployed at a plant level.    Developing the audit process is integral to the programs performance and is included as an element of the Program Plan.  This audit relates to the program philosophy, values, and principles; essential functions; and core activities specified in the practice profiles.  The program assessments correlate actions with intended outcomes creating a measurable metric.  This can be done repeatedly in an ad hoc manner or as part of a routine revision cycle for the entire organization and individual business units in an enterprise system.

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