Training is essential for the effective implementation of any procedure. Successful implementation and training include materials and services that effectively deliver new or changed information to an organization. Preparing change communications within the affected organizations sets expectations and defines the context in which change is occurring. Training and change management activities may be implemented across many levels and departments depending on the breadth of the procedure. We work with you to determine who needs to be trained and to what level training is required for personnel to be confident when performing activities described. We use a variety of training techniques and materials. Depending on your needs we use the most appropriate method for getting the information in front of the personnel that need it and in a way that increases retention and ownership.

Some of the items we can provide:

  • Program User Guides
  • Change Communications
  • Training Materials
  • Computer Based Training
  • In-Person Training
  • Training Review

As part of the training program, a training review may be conducted of the delivered training to validate comprehension of the training material. This feedback loop provides measured data that describes effectiveness of the training.

Our Approach

Whenever possible we use a training approach that brings a sense of ownership of the material for the trainees.  We work with your management team to understand the objectives of the procedure and we work with identified trainees to understand how the procedure will be implemented and the impacts of any changes to protocols.  By including the personnel to be trained in the training process a sense of ownership and understanding can be developed that increases the success rate of procedure implementation.  This integrated approach improves communication and incorporates change management strategies that reduce the amount of friction that is normally associated with change.

For larger roll-outs we work with selected individual that will act as subject matter experts.  These individuals will then be able to provide supplemental training for the rest of the identified personnel and act as a point person for questions and follow on conversations.

As part of the initial training we set the expectation that training is an ongoing activity.  As procedures are used you may find they need to be modified to meet changing requirements.  We introduce the concept of verification and validation so that trainees understand that each time a procedure is used they can validate it and provide recommendations for improvement if needed. We treat procedures as living documents that need to evolve and change as company needs change and we help you and your identified trainees remain aware of this and accept ownership of the identification of needed modifications.

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