Training is essential for the effective incorporation of any new procedure into an organization. Successful implementation and training include materials and services that effectively deliver new or changed information to the targeted population. Training and change management activities may be implemented across many levels and departments depending on the breadth of the procedure. DuraBante assists in determining the population within an organization that needs to be trained and levels of training required for personnel to be confident when performing requested activities. Depending upon the needs of an organization, a variety of training techniques and materials are administered throughout the process. The most appropriate methods for presenting information to the personnel that need it is provided, while techniques for increased retention and ownership are simultaneously implemented.

Some of the items we can provide:

  • Program User Guides
  • Change Communications
  • Training Materials
  • Computer Based Training
  • In-Person Training
  • Training Review

In order to maintain efficacy of training and information dissemination, a review may be conducted of the provided training for the validation and comprehension of the materials. This feedback loop provides measured data describing the effectiveness of the given training.

Our Approach

DuraBante collaborates with management teams for better understanding of objectives and procedures. Specific trainees are also identified and collaborated with for the purposes of understanding procedural implementation and impact of any changes to protocols. Success rates of procedure implementation increase with the inclusion of personnel trainees in the process due to a deeper understanding and connection with the procedures being put into action. This integrated approach improves communication and incorporates change management strategies reducing the amount of friction normally associated with change.

For larger roll-outs, individuals, acting as subject matter experts are selected. These individuals are then equipped to facilitate supplemental training for the rest of the identified personnel, and act as a point of contact for questions and follow-on conversations.

As part of the initial buildup we set the expectation that training will be an ongoing activity. As procedures are used, modifications may be needed to meet changing requirements. Introduction to the concept of verification and validation is given so trainees will understand that each time a procedure is used, they may provide validation and

recommendations for improvement, if needed. Procedures are treated as living documents which evolve and change as an organization’s structure and needs change. DuraBante assists organizations and identified trainees in remaining aware of these evolutionary concepts and the individual roles played in recognizing and identifying needed modifications.

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