Our Approach

Once the need for a procedure has been identified, we use the GUIDE methodology to work through the various phases of procedure development and implementation.  We have found that by using this method we achieve better acceptance from personnel and a sense of ownership that leads to sustainability.


The Gather phase provides a systematic methodology for identifying stakeholders and gathering supporting material for the creation of procedures.  All relevant information and documents on the subject is collected for review. This may be your internal documents, regulatory references, acknowledged industry experts and partners, and interviews with personnel. By gathering consensus from applicable and relevant stakeholders at the beginning of the process, accountability is set early through collaborative and supported conversation.


The Understand phase builds and assesses the information and provides the foundation for the design documents. We perform a gap analysis between the material collected and the content needed to develop a complete procedure.  We conduct interviews with personnel and subject matter experts to ensure that there is understanding of the material and the intent behind the procedure. This provides the a tool to capture knowledge from within the organization and from external stakeholders.  This phase extremely important to mature industries where knowledge is currently retained in a tribal manner.


The Intent phase builds the design documents that provide the standard templates for the creation of the individual procedures. Document Templates, Style Guides, and Document Numbering procedures are used so all documents are produced from one design standard.


The Document phase builds the individual procedures and includes both review and validate steps. We look at impacts for the implementation of the new procedure and incorporate potential supporting documentation and handoffs to other procedures as appropriate.  We use language that makes sense to the user and engage them throughout the process.  Your user has a say in the way the content is presented which leads to more ownership by the user. Once a draft is completed it is circulated for review and comment to ensure the intent of the procedure has been met and the language is clear to the user. After the draft review the procedure is submitted through the approval process.  We use a dual signature approval method which requires the acceptance of a program owner and a document owner.  The program owner is responsible for the content and the document owner is responsible for implementation.  We have found that this method increases communication and understanding between stakeholders.


The Execute phase implements the procedures through a sustained training and revision approach. This includes training documents and face to face training to staff to manage the creating, reviewing, validation and continued maintenance of the procedure. We use a training approach that brings a sense of ownership of the material for the trainees.  By including the personnel to be trained in the procedure development process a sense of ownership and understanding can be developed that increases the success rate of procedure implementation. This integrated approach improves communication and incorporates change management strategies that reduce the amount of friction that is normally associated with change.

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