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The mobile application market is the way of the future, enabling companies to reach potential new customers worldwide. DuraBante recognizes the importance of having an application that is cutting-edge, user friendly and highly effective. Using the market’s most innovative practices and criteria, DuraBante ensures customer satisfaction and business extension into new markets.

Many high-performance business ventures and business extensions are carried out via mobile applications utilized on the Apple App Store or Google Play markets. With strategic processes in place, DuraBante works with customers from the initial conception stage through to expanded marketing, thus taking on the difficult tasks and planning required and allowing the customer to reap the benefits in a timely and efficient manner.

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DuraBante places great priority on proper planning prior to beginning any project. Planning sessions cover all particulars pertaining to the evolution of the product including: concept enhancement, business model generation, time-management, reporting, contracting, design layout, market trends and more.
Steve Jobs said it best when he stated, “Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.” The priorities of solid product design combine functionality with market appeal. DuraBante’s expert IT team excels in creating innovative, customer oriented and user-friendly mobile applications that will out-perform and exceed the customer’s expectations.
Utilizing the five main business models for profit generation using mobile application products, DuraBante assists customers in choosing which solution is best suited to the proposed project. The goal of tailoring the customer’s business model is to ensure proper equipping of the company for systematic and rapid profit growth.
With so many options available for funding such as Banks, Private Investors, and Crowd Sourcing, deciding which strategy will be most advantageous can be complicated. DuraBante works with the customer to identify and create a strategy focused on the best interest of the company and their new business venture, while taking protective measures for the prevention of future growth loss.
DuraBante recognizes the importance of a correct and successful mobile application launch. Being detail oriented is the key to avoiding lag time and the loss of potential new customers. DuraBante’s IT team is poised for action to make sure a structured and reliable framework is in place for a launch experience the customer may rely on.
The ability to both find and retain new users is vital to the success of newly launched mobile applications. Using the same methodologies as industry leaders, DuraBante builds custom marketing solutions that are both advantageous and affordable.