The Project Life-Cycle Methodology outlined below governs the major milestones in all IT and Technology project we perform at DuraBante. This methodology was developed by our internal IT staff to ensure projects progress smoothly and meet customer needs while providing a clear and define pathway to achieve the mission and goals set forth in the scope of work for any project.

Project Life-Cycle Methodology


Planning is essential to having a successful development cycle. Prior to writing any code, we work with you to develop a set of milestones that follow the scope of the project. We use these milestones to measure the progress of deliverables on and to identify the critical path for achieving the projects objectives.


We use design to maximum the functionality and usability of your project. Whether your project is an app, website, or marketing strategy, the key to standing out from the crowd is through design.


The development phase of any project can be an arduous one. Therefore, we focus heavily on planning and design prior to starting any development. During the development phase, we use a mechanism called a Gate Review. A Gate Review is like a stand-up meeting where we measure all our progress based on the milestones of the project. These reviews allow us to ensure that nothing is lost during development.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance ensures all the product features are working correctly. Our methodology utilizes multiple rounds of Quality Assurance during critical build phases and following the addition of new features. Once your product is ready for market we will do a finial operations check before launch and after installation.


Once your project is ready and signed off complete we assist in the bringing the project to market. Our delivery cycles are built to fit your unique project’s scope and scale.

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