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Program Development

DuraBante has expertise with direct Federal Program support by developing; Policy, Program Plans, Compliance Standards, and promoting Support Services for the Department of Defense.   Technical program aspects include developing and implementing quality of life services for a military community with special medical and educational needs.  The program assesses community needs, qualifies applicants, selects available services, and promotes access to those services.

Program Implementation

DuraBante has implemented several federal programs based on federal policy, program standards and specifications.  Program elements include; employment support, concerns relating to military life cycle, and advocacy development, designed to educate, support, and empower military spouses.

Program Compliance

DuraBante has expertise with direct Federal Program support by applying program audit conformance, and program data compliance processes for multiple Departments.  DuraBante uses analysis, notification and disclosure record keeping, verification of sources, compliance data reporting, and electronic access to confidential documents. Technical program aspects include comparing financial information filed with labor, tax, and finance standards for pensions.  The program entails the management of documents, records, source information, data, and program metrics.

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