A good project plan is essential for keeping a project within budget. It should include resource requirements as well as various milestones, key performance indicators and risk assessments.  We work with you to develop an estimate and complete forecast for the project.  We will assist you in the identification of key milestones any potentially high risk activities that may drive adjustments to the plan.


We use milestones to identify events that signal a change in the stage of the project.  Progress against milestones is used to determine if the project is on track. The spend against a project is reviewed on a timely basis such as monthly or quarterly against the forecast and against major milestones.  By looking at both time and milestones you get a more accurate picture regarding the actual progress against the plan.  Earned value reporting is used to determine if the project is actually trending as it should.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators are developed using a variety of metrics that drive results.  These indicators are used to determine if action is needed to keep a project on track and what that action should be. Key performance indicators are included in the Earned Value metrics and report outs.


Adjustments to a project plan are sometimes necessary and can be driven by many things. In some cases, adjustments to plan can be managed so that the critical path is not affected. It is important to identify and understand the drivers for change so that the impacts can be mitigated as much as possible.  We track plan adjustments and work with you to understand the drivers for change.  All changes are included in regular reports that also describe the drivers and potential risks to the project. We will assist in the development of a business case if the need arises to accommodate a significant change in the projects budget plan.

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