Keeping a project within budget is essential to a solid project plan. DuraBante collaborates with the customer to develop estimates and complete forecasts for the desired project. Assistance is given in identifying key milestones and potentially high-risk activities which may drive adjustments to the original plan. A project plan may include resource requirements, key performance indicators, risk assessments and various milestones.


Milestones are utilized in evaluating the progression of an organization’s project by identifying events which signal changes in differing stages. This assists with keeping projects running on schedule and within budget. Indicators are reviewed and measured on a monthly or quarterly basis and are then compared with the established forecast and agreed upon major milestones. By evaluating these factors together, the accuracy of actual plan progress is greatly increased.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators enable organizations to determine if an action is needed to get the project back on track, and if so, what that action should be. Earned Value Metrics, and Report Outs are the methods of reporting utilized for these purposes.


There are times when adjustments to a project plan are unavoidable. When this occurs, identifying and understanding causation becomes essential in mitigating the impact. Plan adjustments are both formulated and tracked so alterations may be made and the risk greatly diminished or entirely mitigated. Organizations are assisted in understanding what the contributing factors are, and why the need for adjustments may arise. Regular reports are created, documenting and tracking causal and potential risk factors. If necessary, DuraBante will facilitate development of a business case for the accommodation of significant changes to the budget plan.

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