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Current Opportunities

Below you will find all of the opportunities currently available at DuraBante.  To find out more information, simply click on one of the icons.

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    Employment Benefits

    • Supportive Leadership
      • At DuraBante, we believe that providing guidance, support, education, and development opportunities to our employees, allows them to develop into better leaders.
    • 401k Plan & Profit Sharing
      • We offer competitive 401k and Profit Sharing benefits to our employees helping them prepare for their futures, and that of their families.
    • Ensuring Work-Life Balance
      • We offer a generous Paid-Time-Off package and company paid holidays, to provide adequate and the flexible time off necessary to maintain a work-life balance.
    • Internship Program for College Students
      • Our Internship program provides paid internships which allow students to develop work experience based on case studies, and real time situations that teach business acumen in conjunction with their academic studies.
    • Encourages Professional Development & Personal Growth
      • We encourage our Team to further develop areas of professional interests, and support growth within the organization through advancement opportunities. Team DuraBante promotes from within as much as possible by identifying talent from the onset understanding that the job you apply for, may not be your ideal career. We understand that knowing the individual as a person allows them to gain valuable experience benefiting the individual, the team, and DuraBante.