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Team DuraBante provides a variety of training, transition assistance, & benefits guidance to service members, veterans, and military families.

Team DuraBante provides information regarding VA benefits to separating and retiring members of the Armed Forces, Department of Homeland Security and their families as part of the Transition Assistance Prorgam (TAP) Congressional Mandate.

The Implementation and Training process implements the procedures through a sustained training and revision approach. This final phase is programmatic in form but delivered at a plant level. It involves implementing the Procedure Program Plan at the operational level through Program User Guides, Training Materials, Computer Based Training (Both PC & Mobil device based delivery), In-Person Training, and Training Review.

This includes preparing Plant Program User Guides, Training Materials, and delivering Computer Based Training or In-Person Training to the staff that manages the creation, reviewing, validation, and continued maintenance of the Procedures Program Plan.

As part of the program, a Training Review is conducted of the training delivered to validate comprehension of the training material. This creates a feedback loop necessary to measured metric to control the program and its effectiveness.

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