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Our Professional product line is built for new or existing business owners that don’t have time or ability to develop an app for their company in house.  Your business may be a new business centered around a great app idea you have or your company may have been around for 25 years and you want to break into the app community, either way the process is the same.

We provide outstanding service to our Professional business owners. Through product conception, development, refinement, management, monetization and marketing we take your product from the drawing board all the way to the customer.

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Where We Can Help

The business goals for a new app concept may be difficult to formalize. DuraBante provides consultation to companies who want to make their app idea a reality.
DuraBante's app development professionals analyze each aspect of the end product and business strategy, refining and optimizing the envisioned mobile application.
Through proper planning, documentation, expectation and time management, many risks may be mitigated pertaining to the app development process.
DuraBante provides comprehensive reviews of marketing materials, online presence and application functionality, vital to the success of performance on the Apple and Google marketplace.
Utilizing the five main business models for making money with your app product, DuraBante assists companies in choosing the best avenue for monetization.
With mobile application user populations and retention in mind, DuraBante uses industry leading tactics in building financially savvy custom marketing solutions.