Our Vision

DuraBante’s Vision is to assist our Clients in building a durable and sustainable advantage in an ever changing and highly competitive business environment in a way that upholds our Core Tenets – Maximize Value and Minimize Risk while having Fun.

Our Mission

We value our Employees and encourage them to achieve their full potential.
We seek to provide high-value service for our Clients to build long-term mutual success.
We embrace Professionalism and seek Excellence in all aspects of our business.
We diligently work to make our Communities better places in which to live, work, and grow.

DuraBante At-A-Glance

We are a strategic management consulting firm providing Business Process Management, Business Analytics & Intelligence Gathering, Training & Organizational Design, and Innovative Technical solutions designed to maximize value, based on our commitment to client satisfaction.

Giving Back to Our Community

Team DuraBante gives back to our local and extended community through our partnerships with St. Francis Children’s Center and local veteran and military family organizations providing training, mentorship, and through individual employee contributions.


Our leadership team is comprised of successful business and military affiliated professionals focused on enhancing a supportive work environment, while providing value to our clients.

We Are A Great Team

Team DuraBante considers ourselves family. We strive daily to be of value to our clients and to each other through providing an inclusive and supportive network to our employees, as well as a great benefits package.

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Our Core Tenants

What We Stand For

Maximize Value

We - Maximize Value by creating value for our employees, clients, and owners by placing the vested success of our employees and clients first.  Team DuraBante returns value to every stakeholder to maximize their return by investing in us.

Minimize Risk

We - Minimize Risk through identifying and resolving concerns honestly, directly, and promptly.  Our internal processes allow us to remain focused on achieving business goals, while minimizing personal and professional risk.  Team DuraBante never overlooks smart and simple ways to minimize risk.

Have Fun

We - Have Fun by enjoying what we do and who we do it with.  Team DuraBante maintains a work-life balance which builds goodwill, and better relationships for all concerned.  We constantly aim to discover and integrate the concepts and interpretations of improved overall business and behavioral wellness.

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